RheinMain Tech Cabal

RheinMain Tech Cabal

on the evening of March 15th 2017
no presentations, recruiters, or sales
just drinks and discussion

The RheinMain Tech Cabal is a closed space for tech people to engage in deep conversations. It will happen on the evening of March 15th 2017 in Frankfurt within the subway grid. The exact place will be announced on the day via email.

Questions? Ping me on Twitter or on the {fradev} slack.

Participation and Tickets

There is a code of conduct for the cabal. You better read it.

Please also note, that the Chatham House Rules apply to this event.

No photos must be taken without the explicit consent of the participants.

1. Create a PR

To participate you need to create a pull request and add yourself to the participants list. Only if your PR gets merged you will receive the event details (steps 2 and 3 need to be completed, too).

2. Find a reference

Please ask someone you know and who knows some of the participants to vouch for your authenticity in the PR’s comments. The main goal of this event is to keep it real, interesting and free of salespeople and recruiters.

3. Pay

A payment of €20 is required via PayPal or via BitCoin (no refunds!) in order to merge that pull request. Send me an email after you have done this.

Diversity Tickets

All tickets are pay-it-forward, that means they will enable someone to join, who can’t afford the ticket. If you want to sign up for a diversity ticket, just drop me an email.

All excess funds and remaining funds for diversity tickets will be donated to Techettes Frankfurt e.V..


RheinMain Tech Cabal is organized by Markus Tacker.